Get a load of the PPA fishing for “likes”


These days I’m pretty numb to stuff I scroll across on Facebook. I mean the subject matter has to REALLY interest me to even read the whole line or go as far as to click on the link. But when I saw a suggestion for me to like the Philadelphia Parking Authority, I thought I was being punked. These scumbags have the balls and nerve to create a Facebook page and expect people to “like” it? For real? Now I may be coming out of left field with my thought process here, but to me thats not unlike herpes, the clap and HIV all coming up with a page and requesting likes from the general public. Completely outrageous. Have you ever met anyone that actually likes (in real life not Facebook terms) the PPA? The PPA reminds me of the mob in so many ways. Late to your meter by 30 seconds? FUCK you pay me. Your bumper is an inch behind the pole? FUCK you pay me. Inspection sticker says 10 and it’s November 1st? FUCK you pay me. Not to mention how they are responsible for the raise in the cost of goods. How you ask? Well, take a walk in center city and you will see any delivery truck (UPS, Pepsi, Frito Lay, etc.) with about 10 tickets on it. There isn’t anywhere for these guys to park so they get lit up by these maggots. Do you think these companies are gonna pay the extra costs? Or do you think they will increase their cost to consumer to make up the revenue lost?

And good luck fighting a ticket. If you think you’ve got a shot at beating one you Better Call Saul or else you are wasting your time.

PS- And who are the 3,665 maniacs that actually hit like? Had to be friends and family of employees right? The head of PR at the PPA had to have created fake profiles to get their likes up. We are doomed as a society if people actually start to like the PPA.


Shop – WRONG

You ever hear the saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity? Well, Shop Rite of Port Richmond sure hopes this cliche holds true given the week they just had. I mean who needs a can-can sale when it’s all over the news that a thug beat up and car jacked a nun outside your store? Who needs to spend thousands on weekly circulars when a local daycare owner leaves 5 babies unattended in a running car while she shops? Forget all those marketing dollars and newspaper ads, this shit is priceless! Now, I’m not hating on the place, in fact this blogger regularly shops there. However, this is definitely the talk of the town and the best advertising is always word of mouth! And these two incidents are not the first. The store has a long history of making the news as a crime scene. So, let this serve as a public safety announcement to be on the lookout. It’s not all that bad, I mean have you ever shopped at Thriftway at York and Aramingo? Given the breed of people in there, management must be praying for a drug bust or prostitution sting..something…anything!!

Church on Sunday? Scrap That…

Welp, I think it’s safe to say you can chalk this incident up to scrappers. These fuckers are like cock roaches, all over the place with their shopping carts and shit box pick up trucks. Can’t stand them. Dirtiest, filthiest, slimiest, smelliest, pieces of human waste you can find. They will try to scrap just about anything that isn’t bolted down. Man hole covers, pipes, construction site steel, empty kegs, fire hydrants, railroad tracks, you name it. These leeches will steal it and scrap it. And don’t think for a second that property at a church would be off limits. No fucking way. Once word spread around under the El that the church had a 150 pounds worth of brass inside, that eagle stood zero chance of making the next mass. Do you know how many oxy’s a scrapper can buy with the cash from 150 pounds of brass? Well, me neither, but scrapping is a booming business these days so I am assuming they can dip for days once they cash out. God Bless.

Ain’t No Party like a North Philly Block Party!!

Ahhhh, tis the season right? The weather is warm, folks are out and about and neighbors are planning and putting on block parties. A neighborhood ritual, especially here in Philly. But, in the least shocking news of this past weekend, there was a shooting at a North Philly block party.

Traditionally, block parties in other Philly neighborhoods have DJ’s, hamburgers, kegs of beer, plenty of kids running around and a lot of laughs. Now, don’t get me wrong, North Philly parties have all of that cool stuff, but they always gotta take shit to the next level. And by next next level I mean someone is getting blasted. Not without good reason tho. Let’s face it, when it comes to North Philly (block party or not) there’s always gonna be someone trying to holler at someone else’s baby mom. There’s always gonna be someone trying to sell wet and Zanny bars on someone else’s turf. Perfectly good reasons to start firing away mind you. To be fair, there usually is some kind of bru ha ha at all city block parties, it’s just in North Philly they end up breaking out the Glocks, AK’s and sawed off’s.

How do we curb this problem you ask? Well, in order to throw a legitimate block party you have to apply with the city and pay a $25 fee. Which by the way I am quite sure all people follow through on in N Philly. Once the city sees a block party is scheduled, they need to immediately get a police officer on detail for the block. It’s a 1000% percent chance that half the party is packing hardware. Only a matter of time before someone gets disrespected. I mean, look at it this way. The Apple store knows that people are gonna try to steal and rob their stores. That’s a fact. So what do they do? They pay the city a million dollars a year to have a cop on duty there at all times. Just the cost of doing business. Need to start using some common sense when it comes to these North Philly blood baths block parties.

The WAWA Slicer

There is a reason everyone in the area has a love affair with WAWA. Total one stop shopping. Hoagies, coffee, energy drinks, smokes, gas, you name it. Ultimate convenience with super quick service. People who do not live where there are WAWAs have no clue what they are missing out on. With all that being said who knew you could go there and slice up your husband’s side piece? What an added value to your trip. I mean one minute the bitch is pumping gas and the next she is slicing this poor girl up like some deli meat. And how about the lesson learned by the gas pumping attendant? Yo dude you make 9 bucks an hour and you are gonna try and stop some psycho, scorned babe from dicing up her husband’s mistress? WAWA’s workman’s comp is probably not covering that. Know your role and whip out that iphone and start videoing that shit for the rest of us to enjoy. Big time WORLDSTAR fail right there buddy.

PS- If the fact that the bro that they were fighting over was in the bathroom the whole time isn’t the best part of the story I don’t know what is. I mean dude was totally oblivious of the bloodbath being created all because of his escapades. Guy was more clueless than Lloyd Christmas taking a leak when C-Bass was coming for him. If you think this crazy bitch didn’t have him on her list of people to cut up that day you are totally mistaken.

PPS – It’s a great thing that WAWA refuses to open stores in bad neighborhoods. I’d hate to see what kind of violence would break out if they did.

And the Creep of the Year Award goes too….

No one ever likes to prejudge or let stereotypes get the best of us. However, if Bryan here doesn’t fit the description of your run of the mill child molester, pedophile or kiddie porn dude than I don’t know who does. Thats why mug shots on arrests are a must in all news pieces. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it’s worth at least a million words. By far the most notable and most important words that come to mind from this image are “Stay the fuck away”. Imagine this dude lived on your block as a kid? Nightmares for days.

Now, all of that aside, this guy had some serious game and cut throat tactics. I can just see his evil, creepy face sitting in front of his jizz stained laptop plotting out that thong underwear blackmail. Genius thinking but oh so sinister. Hey pal, why don’t you try putting some of that think tank to good use like getting a job rather than sitting in your parents basement starting a god damn kiddie porn museum.

I don’t think you can lock Brianna (Bryan) up for long enough. Dude is seriously damaged goods. He got 20 years so basically he will hit the streets (cyberspace) a heck of a lot more older and creepier.

Cats are Killer

Fucking cats. Not only are they useless but now apparently they can be deadly too! What in the world did this poor guy do to have his cat try to blow his apartment to smithereens?

I know what you are thinking, that this cat turned that deadly gas on by accident. I say bullshit. Cats get angry. Cats hold grudges. And this was apparently a hungry cat, which makes him 10 times more irritated and annoying than a regular cat. This guy had no shot! If you piss a cat off once good luck clearing your name ever again. I pissed my grand mom’s cat off once when I was 10 and that fucker hissed and clawed at me till I is was in my 20’s. They NEVER forget.

Herein lies just another example of why dogs are way better pets and cooler companions than cats could ever be. Dogs stick by your side hell or high water, no matter what. You forget to feed miserable ass Garfield once and BANG that little piece of shit blew you the fuck up! Reminds me of the old joke: If you leave your dog, cat and girlfriend locked in a car trunk for 3 hours, who is the only one wagging their tail, giving you kisses and happy to see you when you come back?

You guessed it!

God I love Dogs